McCain vs. Romney: "Minor" Wounds Healed

From CBS News' Clifden Kennedy:

On the back of John McCain's Straight Talk Express bus today, local Maine reporters peppered him with a variety of questions-- from home heating costs, to possible VP picks.

When asked if it was "more than a political rivalry" between he and Romney during the primary, McCain replied, "There were times in the primary, obviously, in any primary, when people are competing hard—that words are exchanged."

"I respect Mitt Romney. He's been a tremendous help to me ever since the primary was over," McCain added. "He was very gracious and his wife was very gracious. So it's pretty easy to heal the wounds, if there are any — and they were minor — when you have someone who's very generous and wants to work with you for the good of the country."

He later brought up the Hippocratic Oath in describing the process to choose a running mate.

"First, do no harm. You want to make sure that the person that you select doesn't detract from the ticket as well."