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McCain “very optimistic” about recovery, plans to return to Senate

McCain returns to the Senate

Since being diagnosed with a cancerous brain tumor, Sen. John McCain, R-Arizona, has undergone three weeks of chemotherapy, among other treatments, and says that he is "very optimistic" about his recovery, according to an Arizona Republic/USA Today Facebook live chat.

McCain said that his recovery process is going well and that he plans on returning to the Senate in September following the August recess.

"I have not felt anything except feeling good," McCain said.

The Arizona senator surprised lawmakers when he returned to the Senate floor for a vote on a health care bill aimed at repealing Obamacare earlier this month, just days following his brain cancer diagnosis. McCain's appearance and his subsequent "no" vote were crucial to the bill's failure.

"They knew that I was going to vote 'no' so I had to meet with McConnell, I had to meet with a whole bunch of others," McCain said in the Facebook live chat. "We went into the vice president's office because he wanted me to speak to the president, and I talked to the president."

Although there was much speculation on the direction of McCain's vote, the senator explained that he was certain of his vote to strike down the health care repeal legislation.

"Meanwhile the roll call is going on," McCain said. "I came out, and made up my mind a long time before. That was a very interesting moment."

McCain also criticized President Trump's recent staffing changes, saying that "he can't just keep firing everybody."

"I try hard not to criticize what the president says," McCain explained. "I try to criticize what he does, and there are some things he has done that I hardly approve of," he added.

Due to the senator's open and clear criticism of the president, McCain and Mr. Trump have had a tumultuous relationship.

"I will do everything in my power to work with this president," McCain said. "But there might come a time when I have to say 'I can't work with you.'"

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