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McCain Says Obama Will Change His Mind on War if He Visits Iraq


From CBS News' John Bentley:

After offering to go to Iraq with Barack Obama and pointing out for the past few days that Obama hasn't visited the country since 2006, John McCain said he was "certainly glad to hear Sen. Obama was considering a trip to Iraq." If he does go, McCain added, he will change his position on the war because of the success the U.S. is having there. "Sen. Obama was driven to his conclusion by ideology, not by the facts on the ground," McCain said. "Success in Iraq is undeniable."

Obama's campaign said no trip was imminent, but had been discussed. "A trip abroad is under consideration, but there are no plans at this point," said spokesman Jen Psaki. "Obviously Iraq is a place to consider."

If he does go, it's not likely he'll take McCain up on his offer to accompany him on the trip. Obama's campaign has referred to the idea as political posturing. "John McCain's proposal is nothing more than a political stunt, and we don't need any more 'Mission Accomplished' banners or walks through Baghdad markets to know that Iraq's leaders have not made the political progress that was the stated purpose of the surge," said Obama spokesman Bill Burton.

McCain also said he'd understand if Obama doesn't want to go with him to Iraq, but not to call it a stunt. "It's long overdue – it's been 871 days since he was there," McCain said. "I don't think that people who serve there would believe that a visit to find out the facts by a person who wants to lead the country would be a, quote, stunt."