McCain Reflects on Anniversary of His Release as POW

From CBS News' Allison O'Keefe:

On the 35th anniversary of his release from a Vietnamese prison, John McCain remembered that day.

"It was a grand and glorious opportunity to have freedom," said McCain in Springfield, Pennsylvania today.

But McCain, who tends to praise his military brothers, told reporters that the more treasured part of that day was "the great honor of serving in the company of heroes."

Since securing the Republican nomination, McCain has taken to the campaign trail lightly, usually holding at least one town hall meeting a day, followed by a press conference, coupled with some closed fund-raisers.

Today, McCain expressed just how important Pennsylvania will be in the general election. "I intend to be here, campaign here, win here," McCain said.

During the town hall meeting, McCain was asked if he thought that terrorists would increase their activities in Iraq during the general election as a way to "tip the election."

"They may be able to carry out suicide attacks but we have them on the run," McCain told the crowd.

Later he was asked about the possibility of an attack again where McCain said, "I would not be surprised if they make an attempt."

McCain also had some harsh words for his Senate colleagues regarding last night's failed vote on an amendment to ban earmarks for one year saying that the fact that only 29 Senators voted in favor of the amendment shows "that the last place in America were they don't get it is Washington, DC."

On the veep watch front, McCain was asked about former Pennsylvania governor Tom Ridge as a possible running mate - to which he responded that Ridge is a great American and was a great governor but that "we have not even begun the process" of choosing a running mate.