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McCain Confident As He Pushes Pennsylvania Victory Plan

From CBS News' John Bentley:

(MOON TOWNSHIP, PA.) – Eight hours in to his 20-hour day on the campaign trail, a confident John McCain has already predicted victories in the battleground states of Florida and Pennsylvania, even though the polls in both of those states are leaning towards Barack Obama.

"We're going to win Pennsylvania tomorrow and I'm going to be the President of the United States," McCain said. "Pennsylvania will do it, and Pittsburgh will be the important area."

His campaign manager Rick Davis outlined a strategy where McCain could conceivably come from behind and win both here and in Florida, because he believes the polls in the urban areas of those states are overrepresented.

"You look at Pennsylvania, for instance. He's underperforming Kerry in almost every one of the Kerry counties outside of Philadelphia. We're over performing Bush in almost in almost every one of the Bush counties in Pennsylvania. So, I mean, he's not getting the Democratic vote and we're getting more than our share of the Republican vote, but his margin in Philadelphia, again, very much like Miami, it's 40-plus. The last poll I saw had him plus 40 in Philadelphia," Davis said.

"Bush lost Philadelphia by 18 percent, so you're not going to lose it by 40. If you can figure out what I'll lose it by, you'll know whether or not I can win Pennsylvania."

Those numbers will depend on voter turnout, which is why McCain is hitting seven different states today to try and rally his base to turn out. He still has events in Indiana, New Mexico, Nevada, and his traditional last stop in Prescott, Arizona, before calling it a day.

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