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McCain Booed For Telling Audience To Be Respectful of Obama


From CBS News' John Bentley:

(LAKEVILLE, MINN.) – In stark contrast to his last town hall meeting yesterday, John McCain dramatically toned down his attacks on Barack Obama, even after many in the audience were asking him to go on the offensive. McCain was even booed when he told the audience to be respectful and that "you don't have to be scared" of Obama:

"The people here in Minnesota want to see a real fight this next time in your debate," one veteran in the crowd said.

"We want a fight, and I will fight, but we will be respectful. I admire Sen. Obama and his accomplishments, I will respect him, and I want everyone to be respectful," McCain said, to which he received a chorus of boos. "Because that's the way politics should be conducted in America, so let's make sure that we're all respectful." He then received a round of applause from the audience.

Some of the questioners said they were scared of an Obama presidency, and one woman said she couldn't trust Obama because "he's an Arab."

McCain shook his head. "No ma'am, he's a decent family man, a citizen, that I just happen to have disagreements with on fundamental issues, and that's what this campaign is all about."

But McCain didn't completely stay away from personal attacks, bringing up Obama's connection with William Ayres, who was a member of the 1960s radical group the Weather Underground.

"One of the issues is a man named William Ayres, who is an unrepentant terrorist," McCain said. "Sen. Obama said that Mr. Ayres was a guy in the neighborhood, when in reality, Sen. Obama's political career was launched in Mr. Ayres living room."

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