Maximize Your Landing Page Conversion

Last Updated Mar 16, 2008 7:53 PM EDT

Landing Page image by cambodia4kidsorg [cc, 2.0]There are a few things every web designer should know before they make the first slice in Photoshop. Patricia Hursh, from Search Engine Land, offers the eight essentials for BtoB landing pages. I'll summarize below.

  1. Relevance. All too often, a firm makes a single landing page and thinks one-size-fits all will work on the web as it did with other media. This couldn't be further from the truth. Targeted landing pages double your conversion, on average.

  2. Calls to Action. Sites that do incredibly well at drawing in visitors may not excel in the important part: pushing the sale once the eyes are there. A badly written site could mean the difference between a sale and just another visitor increasing the load on your server. CTAs should be quippy, and should inspire your visitor to search for more answers. They should also contain hyperlinked text (only the text that's most relevant should be underlined). For inspiration, try this list of 37 calls to action.

  3. Benefits Focus. Show the prospect what's in it for them. Give them a reason to respond (for example a good tagline could be, "Find out why Company X was able to increase revenue 40% through Widget A.")

  4. Inspire a Search for Answers. Hursch says this is best done by asking questions. I think I agree -- especially if they're questions that make the reader more curious.

  5. Look Credible. Credibility is a huge issue online, but using credibility markers (BBB logos, secure connections, privacy badges) can all help build credibility with a potential customer who knows little about your firm.

  6. Test, test, and then test again. A/B and multivariate testing can tell you how to approach both the textual and visual layout of your homepage for your specific niche. Three different copy blocks may say the same thing, but they lead to significant differences in conversion. Streamlining quote boxes so they integrated into the site's nav may also help -- results will vary depending on your audience, and the only way to find these answers is through testing.

  7. Look beyond the click. A landing page is an early step in the process to acquisition or sale. Make sure that your "Thank You" page is designed to resonate with your visitor post-form. Ensure that you offer other outlets to continue holding their brand loyalty (newsletter sign-ups and 1-click checkouts for future purchases are just a few options).

Landing Page image by cambodia4kidsorg [cc, 2.0]