Police: Indiana teen wrote out murder plan step-by-step

Police say Max Winkler, a 17-year-old suspected of murdering a stranger on Nov. 1, made a detailed plan for his attack.

CBS affiliate WISH

FISHERS, Ind. -- Police say the teen accused of murdering a 73-year-old Fishers, Ind. man Nov. 1, carefully crafted his crime, writing in advance a list of steps he would take.

Investigators released a hand-written note allegedly written by murder suspect Max Winkler that lists the supplies and steps he would take to execute the crime. In it, Winkler, 17, wrote one of the steps was to "enjoy the kill," according to the probable cause affidavit.

On Wednesday, Winkler, pleaded not guilty to the murder of Henry Kim in a Hamilton County court. According to CBS affiliate WISHTV, Winkler now faces one adult murder charge. Police say Winkler slashed Kim's throat and shot him three times in Windermere Park, Ind.

Some of the supplies in the hand-written note included a backpack, water bottles, towels, gloves, "kill tools" and trash bags.

The note indicates Kim was chosen at random.

Winkler allegedly wrote that he would "get back to safe site to clean up" and "take off clothes and burn them, put on second set." Before leaving the crime scene, he allegedly said he would "double check everything."

Afterwards, the plan was to "pack up and get the hell outa (sic) dodge," according to court documents.

While officers were searching the wooded area for clues in Kim's murder on Nov. 3, they saw Winkler riding his bike. They detained him and found two knives on him. One of the knives appeared to have dried blood on it, according to the probable cause.

Officers didn't ask Winkler any questions because he was a juvenile, but court documents state Winkler told the officers, "I didn't kill anyone" after he was detained.

Police then searched the homes of Winkler's mother and father.

In a trash can outside of Winkler's mother's home, officers found a hand towel with a red stain on it, which appeared to be dried blood, according to court documents. Black gloves were also found in the trash can.

In Winkler's bedroom, officers found .22-caliber ammunition, which is consistent with the bullets used to kill Kim.

Police said they found the hand-written lists in Winkler's bedroom, along with facial hair that had been cut off into his bathroom trash can, court documents also explained. Police believe Winkler grew a beard and then cut it off after the murder to change his appearance.

Investigators said one of Winkler's teachers at Hamilton Southeastern High School called officers on Nov. 3 after seeing Winkler had a beard on Friday and then came to school with a clean shaven face and haircut on Monday. The teacher told police Winkler's sibling told a friend that Winkler got home the night of the murder, shaved his beard and washed his clothes.

According to court documents, school resource officers also tipped off police that Winkler had written a "Bucket List" two years ago. Winkler talked about killing, mass destruction and weapons of mass destruction in the list, according to the probable cause.

Winkler's next court date is set for Jan. 13. His trial is scheduled for April 7.