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Mary's 'Co-Star' Dies At 91

If you're someone who never forgets a face, then you will probably remember Hazel Frederick. The 91-year-old woman, whose quizzical look was accidentally preserved for television audiences as Mary Tyler Moore tossed her beret into the air, died Sunday at the age of 91.

Her stardom was a fluke. Frederick had been shopping in downtown Minneapolis one day in 1969 when a camera crew filmed Moore for the opening of the old Mary Tyler Moore Show.

Frederick's puzzled reaction was caught on film as she stood in the background, noticeable in a green coat with fur collar and matching scarf.

"It was her day off and she went down to Daytons," says Carol Berg, Hazel's granddaughter. "She saw the crowd and was curiousÂ…walked up and there she was."

But Frederick's identity remained a mystery to nearly everyone else until 1996, when Moore was in the area for a book signing.

Moore invited Frederick to join her on stage and introduced her to 5,000 people as "my co-star."

Hazel Frederick never earned a dime from her famous cameo in the credits, but her family says the notoriety she earned was worth a million bucks.

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