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Police arrest man allegedly seen in viral video attacking people hanging George Floyd flyers

MD cyclist recorded assaulting young people
MD cyclist recorded assaulting young people 00:57

Maryland-National Capital Park Police said Friday they had arrested a man believed to be a cyclist who was seen in a viral video attacking people inside a park in Maryland this week. According to police, Anthony Brennan III, 60, has been charged with three counts of second-degree assault. 

The footage uploaded on Reddit shows a portion of the incident, which began as the group three friends were hanging flyers calling for justice for George Floyd.

Authorities earlier released photos of the individual, who was wearing a bright orange helmet and sunglasses. 

The video clip starts with the cyclist approaching one young woman as she holds up her hand and says "Get away from me!" Her friend videotaping the incident yells out, "Hey, leave her alone!" The man then turns and walks toward another young woman as the first woman shouts, "Do not touch her! She has nothing. Do not touch her, sir!" 

The man grabs the second woman by the arm and yanks away a roll of tape she was holding, as her friend rushes to her side and yells, "Get off of her!"

(The video contains some profanity.)

The man recording says, "Just get out of here!" The cyclist goes back to his bike and then appears to roll it straight towards the man recording the encounter. The cellphone appears to fall into grass as the two men exchange words about giving back the tape. 

A Reddit user, who claims to be the man videotaping what happened, said the cyclist shoved him to the ground and he got a cut on his calf. He also said that leading up to the video, the man was riding his bike before stopping and asking what the signs were.

local television station reported the group was hanging up flyers in support of the George Floyd protests, citing an interview with the man, who wished to remain anonymous. He told the NBC station the cyclist "pretty much screamed at us. He was saying, 'F**** you. You guys [are] inciting riots.' He kept saying we're 'deviants.' I'm not sure exactly what he meant by that."

CBS News reached out to the Reddit user for further information, but did not immediately hear back. 

Maryland Attorney General Brian Frosh and Washington, D.C. mayor Muriel Bowser urged the public to help identify the cyclist to police. Frosh said Friday that police have a "strong suspect" as a result. 

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