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Mary Lee the shark may be going to Jersey Shore for Memorial Day

PHILADELPHIA -- A great white shark could be making its way to the Jersey Shore just in time for Memorial Day weekend, CBS Philly reports.

Mary Lee, a 3,500-pound great white shark that was tagged by the nonprofit research group OCEARCH in September 2012, is apparently traveling north after being pinged near Assateague Island, which is off the Maryland-Virginia coast.

A great white shark is gaining a following on... 02:33

"It's probably exciting for a lot of people," Rehoboth Beach Patrol Capt. Kent Buckson told Delmarva Now. "It's a famous, rather large great white shark that I believe has been tracked for several years."

According to OCEARCH, Mary Lee has traveled just over 41 miles during a recent 72-hour period.

Mary Lee has been pinged off the Jersey Shore before.

The @MaryLeeShark Twitter account has over 106,000 followers.

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