Tot found abandoned in vacant building after abduction report, Amber Alert

DETROIT -- A missing three-year-old Detroit boy was found and his suspected kidnapper apprehended several hours after the child’s mother said he was abducted from their home, reports CBS Detroit.

Michael Greyson CBS Detroit

Marvie Gardner was found, unharmed, in a vacant building Thursday afternoon. His suspected kidnapper, Michael Lee Greyson, 19, was arrested about an hour later.

An Amber Alert was issued for three-year-old Marvie on Thursday morning after his mother, Latoya Spears, told the station he was taken by the father of her friend’s daughter, who visited her home Wednesday night.

Spears said her friend came over with the young daughter Wednesday night. The girl’s father then also came over, Spears said, and her friend got into an argument with the man. The friend and the daughter left, but the man stayed, asked to use her phone and then fell asleep there, Spears said.

Spears told the station she fell asleep around 2 a.m. Thursday, and when she woke around 5:30 a.m., her basement door was open and the man and her son were missing.

Spears told the station she searched the home before contacting authorities.

“I came downstairs, I checked the whole house,” she said. “I went to the basement, checked the basement, but once I opened up the side door to the basement, this side door was open and one of the knives out the kitchen is missing.”

Spears said the man left behind a note saying that when he gets his daughter back, Spears would get her son back. Spears said she didn’t know the man, but police later identified him as Michael Lee Greyson.

Several hours after the Amber Alert was issued, the vehicle Greyson was believed to have been driving was found. Police then found Marvie alone in a vacant building, and arrested Greyson about an hour later. The child appeared to be in good condition but will be taken to a hospital to be checked out before being released to his family. 

The Amber Alert has been canceled and Greyson remains in custody, awaiting charges. An investigation is ongoing.