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Mark Cuban: Donald Trump would be a "puppet president"

Entrepreneur and reality television star Mark Cuban believes that if Donald Trump gets elected to the Oval Offices, he would be a "puppet president," according to Buzzfeed News report published Wednesday.

Trump no billionaire, Mark Cuban says, and other MoneyWatch headlines 00:57

"He would be so dependent on everyone around him because of his lack of depth of knowledge and fear of failing, that the quality would be completely dependent on two things," Cuban said in an email to the online news outlet. "One, what stresses does he run into his first year? Two, who does he place around him? He isn't a problem solver. He will be completely dependent on those around him. And he isn't good at hiring either. That's why he puts family (and he gets credit for having such smart, accomplished kids) in so many important positions. That's not feasible here."

Cuban predicted that if Trump "places the wrong people around him," some "crazy things" could happen. But if the real estate mogul "gets the right people in place," Cuban thinks "we may not know he is there, and the Republicans tell him what to do and he does it."

While the Dallas Mavericks owner said he loved that Trump "wasn't a traditional politician and he shook up politics," he "hate[d] the fact that he hasn't taken learning what's needed seriously enough, and he appears to never to have met a lie he didn't love."

Cuban's musings on a Trump presidency are just the latest in a stream of attacks against the presumptive GOP nominee.

Earlier this week, Cuban, himself a billionaire, questioned whether Trump's net-worth was really as high as he claimed. And in a tweet Wednesday, Cuban posted a mocking mash-up video of Bruno Mars' song "Billionaire" as sung by Trump:

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