Man videotapes neighbor's barking dog for 45 minutes

A Longmont, Colo., man videotaped his neighbor's backyard for 45 minutes to capture what he says is his neighbor's dog continuously barking.

A Colorado man said he has had enough of his neighbor's barking dog, so he videotaped what he says is the canine yelping for 45 minutes straight and turned in the evidence to the police, according to CBS Denver affiliate KCNC.

The complaint was filed against a home in Longmont, about an hour north of Denver. KCNC reports the feud between James Wait and the dog's owner has been going on for some time, but there was never any evidence until Wait took out his camera on August 23.

Wait declined and interview, but the dog's owner, Fred Agado, said his neighbor has gone too far.

"My neighbor has been, in my opinion, has been harassing us," he told the station. "He has come to my house, left notes at my house, knocked on my door, called the police several times."

Agado said complaints from his neighbor have gone on for over four years.

"Dogs will bark, and they do bark," he said.

Agado was issued a citation for disturbing the peace, which he plans to fight in court, claiming the video does not prove his dog was the offender and could have been easily video edited to make his dog's barking longer than it was.

A disturbing the peace violation is punishable by a fine of up to $999 and 180 days in jail, although that is for the most severe offences. Agado is scheduled to be in court for the citation on Oct. 7, KCNC reports.