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Man pursued by police in car chase calls 911 to complain

CONCORD, Calif. -- A man leading police on a chase while driving the wrong way on a Northern California highway called 911 to complain about...well, the fact that police were chasing him, reports CBS San Francisco.

"I'm on speakerphone right now. Stop chasing me! I am going to crash," the suspect told a 911 operator.

The dispatcher asked the man if he was the person driving in the wrong direction -- he was spotted late Sunday in a stolen Honda going against traffic.

Scene of a crash that occurred in Berkeley, California, after the driver of the overturned car -- which had been going the wrong way -- called 911 to complain that the police were chasing him, Sunday, May 17, 2015. CBS San Francisco

He responded, "Yes, I am, yeah, stop chasing me. Tell the helicopter to get away from me."

Despite the suspect's request, police continued to follow him.

"Somebody is going to die," the caller said, warning again before the end of the call that he might crash.

He did eventually, hitting another car on a local road in Berkeley, Calif.

The other driver was injured, but the suspect got away, this time on foot.

He remains at-large, police said.

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