Man entered Idaho classroom, put fifth-grader in chokehold, parents say

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(CBS/AP) BIOSE, Idaho - Bryon Scott Edwards, a man with a felony rap sheet, is accused of entering a northern Idaho classroom and putting one young student in a chokehold Monday.

Jerry Peery, the guardian of the boy who was allegedly assaulted and harassed, criticized school officials this week for not contacting authorities immediately.

Peery said other parents in the town called police after hearing what happened from their children when classes let out Monday.

Peery said Edwards entered the classroom at Highland School in the small town of Craigmont and was upset over something her grandson had said to his son.

"He put my grandson in a chokehold," she said. "One of the students said his feet were off the floor, and another student told her mom ... that his face turned purple." 

But Edwards' wife, Shana Edwards, said she's heard a different version of the story through her son, who was also in the classroom: Her husband had been given permission by school officials to assist students and was "roughhousing" with kids before he sought to discipline Peery's grandson after he had said something inappropriate.

Edwards is now in jail in neighboring Nez Perce County, where he has been held since being arrested Tuesday on felony theft and methamphetamine charges from Umatilla, Ore., according to jail officials. Lewis County authorities contacted Nez Perce County Sheriff's office, asking that Edwards be detained on the Oregon warrants while they continued their investigation into what happened at the school.

Edwards has a history of felony convictions in Oregon, including for burglary, robbery and unauthorized use of vehicles.

Authorities in Lewis County are investigating, Lewis County Prosecutor Zachary Paul said, as are Highland School officials.