Man convicted in Ariz.'s Baseline Killer case sentenced to death

Mark Goudeau

(CBS/AP) PHOENIX, Ariz. - An Arizona jury imposed a death sentenced Wednesday on the man convicted of being the Phoenix area's Baseline Killer. They rejected his pleas for mercy and denials of guilt, agreeing with prosecutors that the nine murders committed were especially cruel.

Mark Goudeau, who was convicted last month, faced 72 counts, including the nine murders, sexual assault, and kidnapping. He pleaded not guilty to all, and was found guilty on 67 counts, with the jury failing to reach a verdict on one.

The "Baseline Killer" was accused of attacking victims as they went about daily activities, like leaving work, washing their cars, or talking on cell phones. The case involved 33 victims in 13 different attacks between Aug. 6, 2005 and June 29, 2006.

Many of the crimes occurred around Phoenix's Baseline Road, giving the convicted murderer his moniker. The nine murder victims, eight of them women, ranged in age from 19 to 39. Most were found with their pants unzipped and slightly pulled down.

In June, prosecutor Suzanne Cogen showed jurors graphic images of the victims, all of whom were shot in the head and lying in pools of blood. She explained that the attacks were random; a woman waiting at a bus stop, vacuuming her car, or in one case, cooking food in a food truck.

Prosecutors called Goudeau a "ravenous wolf," driven by a hunger to rape women and kill people who wouldn't cooperate with his demands.

Meanwhile, Defense Attorney Randall Craig claimed there were more likely suspects than Goudeau. He also said there were questions about the DNA tests that linked his client to the various crimes.

Goudeau is already serving a 438-year sentence after being convicted in a 2005 sexual assault of two sisters.

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