Man allegedly stabs ex-girlfriend and her stepson, jumps in front of LIRR train

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(CBS) NEW YORK - A man allegedly stabbed his former girlfriend and her stepson at their Queens home and then just hours later, reportedly jumped in front of a Long Island Rail Road train Tuesday morning, killing himself.

CBS New York reports police say the 43-year-old former girlfriend was stabbed in the neck just after 6 a.m. She is currently in the hospital in critical condition. Her 22-year-old stepson was stabbed outside the home. He was taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

The New York Post reports that the assailant, 33-year-old James Peck, died on the tracks.

A neighbor, Willie Samjia, said he had previously warned stabbing victim Maureen Biermann to be careful in her dealings with Peck.  The medical examiner must still make a positive identification of the suspect.

The neighbor said, "I see all the time that he gets drunk and drug-addict little bit. You know, they start into fighting - this is it. Then I told her a couple times, I said, 'listen, you better stop this kind of relationship because you're gonna [end up/ dead."

Investigators are still looking for a motive in the attack.