Man, 84, ticketed for jaywalking, threatens to sue NYPD

Kang Chun Wong
CBS New York

NEW YORK - Kang Chun Wong, an 84-year-old New York City man who was taken into custody and ticketed for jaywalking in January, appeared in court alongside his family Wednesday to sign his ticket, reports CBS New York.

Wong's attorney claims police used excessive force when stopping him to give him a jaywalking ticket on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, near where Wong lives. The attorney says the man sustained a head wound that required four staples to close, according to the station.

Wong and his family plan to file a $5-million lawsuit against the NYPD.

Wong's son said he knew something was wrong when his father did not come home in time that January day. He was missing for two hours, according to CBS New York.

Then, the younger Wong received a call from the arresting officer.

"He was looking for the medication," Wei Hang Wong said.

The officer wanted Kang Chun Wong's medical history. He has a heart condition, among other difficulties, reports the station.

But Wei Hang Wong said the officer would not tell him how to find his father.

"I had a horrible time," Wei Hang Wong said. "Let's just say it was a big runaround."

Kang Chun Wong was one of 18 people given jaywalking tickets at the intersection of 96th Street and Broadway during a pedestrian safety push by the NYPD, reports CBS New York.

Police insisted that officers did not strike Kang Chun Wong deliberately, and that when an officer pulled out a summons book and began writing a ticket, a struggle ensued.

During the struggle, police claimed, Wong fell to the ground and struck his head.