Makeup Madness: Driving Hands-Free

Named and shamed: Donna Marie Madock was caught on tape by police cameras, compact in one hand, eyeshadow brush in the other — and no hands on the wheel.

That was, as CBS News Correspondent Sheila MacVicar observes, taking multi-tasking a step too far.

To make matters worse, MacVicar says, she was driving one of Britain's most dangerous roads.

Wednesday, she paid a fine that was the equivalent of $340.

"I was amazed when I saw the footage," says North Wales Police Superintendent Terry Kellaher. "I just can't imagine a more dangerous act than to be driving along the road, take your hands off the wheel and to put makeup on."

MacVicar says British roads and drivers here are watched by a network of speed cameras, CCTV cameras, and now, police, covertly videoing the nation's driving habits.

The list of things drivers there have been caught at, and fined for, is both long and surprising, she says, things such as eating an apple, a chocolate bar, and taking a sip of water at a red light.