Make TripChill Your Own Unpaid Travel Assistant

The worst part of not being a CEO with a multi-million dollar salary, aside from not having a multi-million dollar salary, is not having access to a travel staff that manages my itinerary and travel plans for me. Well, cross that second one off your list. TripChill is a free service that acts like an assistant which proactively manages your travel plans.

Think back to the last time you were stuck in Newark for 8 hours due to a cancelled flight. If you had been using TripChill, you would have been notified about the status of your flights and offered options for alternative flights. TripChill has a flight contingency planner that graphically displays not just your booked flights, but all of the available alternatives.

TripChill also handles all the routine stuff for you. It sends you updates via email or text message about flight status and gate changes. It automatically broadcasts your travel status to a set of contacts you specify, so your people at your destination know when to expect you. It even stores where you parked your car. To get started with TripChill, you just need to set up a free account and forward airline notifications to TripChill so the service can act on them and keep you informed. If you want to use the service to make changes to yor itinerary while you're on the move, you can also enter your credit card information as well.

TripChill works with any phone or Web connection, and there's a custom iPhone Webapp available for $6.

Personally, I haven't had a chance to put TripChill to the test yet, but it looks very promising. Have you used TripChill or a similar service? Sound off in the comments.