Make Last-Minute Costumes at Home

It's the day before Halloween - and what's frightening you is knowing you don't have costumes ready for the kids yet.

But fear not!

On "The Early Show Saturday on Saturday Morning," Parenting Contributor Shannon Eis offered some ideas on making them easily - and without even leaving the house - with a little imagination, and stuff you probably already have!

The killer costumes are clever, crafty -- and inexpensive! Best of all - you don' thave to rush out to buy costumes.

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Babe Magnet Costume

Materials Needed:
• Old, Gray Clothing or a Gray Sweatsuit
• Inexpensive Dolls (Several)
• Needle and Thread
• Safety Pins
Make a sign that says "Babe Magnet" and pin it to the shirt. Simply sew or pin several small dolls of different sizes all over the clothes.

Bag of Jelly Beans Costume

Materials Needed:
• Small colored balloons
• Clear plastic garbage bag
• Colored ribbon
• Safety pins
Wear same color tights and shirt. Blow up balloons, keeping them small enough that they look like jelly beans. Make a loose bag around your body out of the clear bag and place the balloons inside, around your body. Tie with ribbon loosely around neck (under arms for children or if neck is uncomfortable). Make a sign using cardboard or fabric that says "Gourmet Jelly Beans" or something similar. Tape or glue sign onto front of "bag".

Geisha Girl Costume

Materials Needed:
• Silk/satin bathrobe or PJs
• Black leggings
• Flip flops and socks
• Scarf for kimono belt
• Chopsticks and ribbon
• White face paint (baby powder and baby oil)
• Black eye liner / red lipstick
• Construction paper and tape
Size robe or PJs to child and pin closed, with black legging under robe. Wrap scarf around waist and tie in back. Pull hair back in bun and use chopsticks and ribbon as ornaments. Sock worn with flip flops complete the look. Coming baby powder and a splash of baby oil to make a light face paint (does not need to be opaque as it could flake), outline eyes with black liner and paint lips red with lipstick.
Fold construction paper in accordion shapes (2-3 pieces) and tape together to make a handheld fan, use extra ribbon to decorate.

Bat Costume

Materials Needed:
• Black Sweatsuit (with hood)
• Black Umbrella
• Black construction paper (or felt)
• Safety Pins
• Scissors
Start out by removing the handle from the umbrella and then cutting the umbrella in half. This will be your bat wings. You will probably have to use some tools or even a saw to disassemble the umbrella.
Sew or use safety pins to attach the cut edge of the umbrella to the back of the arms of a black sweatshirt. Make sure that there are no sharp edges.
Cut ears out of black felt or construction paper and use safety pins to attach the ears to the hood of the sweatshirt.

Robot Costume

Materials Needed:
• Two boxes (one larger for body, one smaller for head)
• Duct tape
• Aluminum foil
• Construction paper
• Cd's
• Black or gray pants/top
Cut out arm and head holes in larger "body" box; consider leaving back panel open for easy entry/exit. For smaller "head" box, cut out eye and ear holes and also consider leaving back panel open. Wrap boxes with aluminum foil and seal edges/seams with duct tape.
Use construction paper to create control panel on front of boxes and face on the head. Use cd's as eyes. Assemble robot on the child and attach body and head boxes using duct tape.

Ms. Pac Man

Materials Needed:
* Yellow Clothes
* 2 Poster Boards or Construction Paper
* Ribbon
* Glue
* Markers
* Tights