"Mad Men" Season 6: New photos released

AMC is gearing up for the return of "Mad Men," revealing the show's return date and releasing a trio of new photos.

Season 6 will premiere on the network on April 7, it was announced Wednesday. The black-and-white images released that same day show Don Draper and others dressed to impress.

"Mad Men" creator Matthew Weiner spoke this week about the show's return, but offered few details on what's to come. Per The New York Times, Weiner wouldn't even confirm how much time has passed between last year's finale and the upcoming premiere.

"It will advance in time, as it does," he told the Times. "I can't say how much or how little. We're coming off a period in Don's life where he's trying to normalize, and trying to have this relationship -- a real relationship with this woman that he fell in love with. She expressed her desires, and that was a surprise for him. On this show, it's a very rich, full orchestra, and we like to follow what is the next stage in these people's lives."

He also told Entertainment Weekly: "This year it's really constructed like a film. It is its own story and hopefully it foreshadows the rest of the season...You should know what happened at the end of last season before you see the episode. The whole season is in reference to last season."

See the other two new "Mad Men" photos below:

Frank Ockenfels/AMC
Frank Ockenfels/AMC

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