"Mad Men" Season 5 debuts with "A Little Kiss"

Megan Draper (Jessica Pare) and Don Draper (Jon Hamm) - Mad Men - Season 5, Episode 1 - Photo Credit: Ron Jaffe/AMC
Ron Jaffe/AMC
Megan (Jessica Pare) and Don Draper (Jon Hamm) in a scene from "Mad Men."

(CBS News) After being off the air since October 2010, "Mad Men" made its return Sunday night with a two-hour episode.

The fifth season premiere, titled "A Little Kiss," answered the question fans were wondering about during the long hiatus - did ad exec Don Draper go through with his marriage proposal to his secretary, Megan? (SPOILERS)

Yes, he did. Don and the new Mrs. Draper are now husband and wife and still co-workers, though she's no longer his secretary.

The episode opens on Memorial Day 1966, and civil rights protests are taking place on Madison Avenue. Joan Harris gave birth to a son (the father is Roger Sterling - though Joan's husband, stationed in Vietnam, believes the baby is his), and Pete Campbell moved to the suburbs with his wife and infant daughter.

One person we didn't see? Betty Francis (formerly Draper) - Don's ex-wife was absent for the entire premiere, save for a passing reference when he dropped their three children off at her house.

In a pivotal scene from Sunday's episode, Megan throws Don a surprise party for his 40th birthday at their apartment. Clearly uncomfortable that his work and private lives have collided, his new wife makes things worse by performing a sultry serenade in front of the entire party. Don lashes out at her after everyone leaves, and she's left alone on the balcony staring at the city.

Megan (who now works in the creative department with Peggy) leaves work early the next day in embarrassment, and Don finds her at home trying to clean up the messy, post-party apartment. After she strips down to her bra and underwear, the two end the episode having sex on the soiled white carpet.

Next week's installment, titled "Tea Leaves," was directed by Jon Hamm.

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