"Mad Men" recap: 10 best moments

Don Draper (Jon Hamm) and Roger Sterling (John Slattery) in a scene from "Mad Men."
Michael Yarish/AMC

Reunited and it feels so good....

Sunday's episode of "Mad Men" finally saw the long-anticipated working reunion of Peggy and Don. Mentor and mentee are back on the same team, and it feels so right.

While I am sure that Peggy's new status, and Don's consistent view of her as an assistant, is sure to cause some strife, I am also positive that these ad geniuses will makes some magic together (both as coworkers and as sincere buddies).

Besides the reunion of these two agencies, below are the Top 10 moments from Sunday's episode:

1. The evening opens with Joan, Pete and Bert sneakily meeting with a banker who is evaluating Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce's potential to go public. This would allow the company to get bigger, and would also result in a very large paycheck for the partners -- Pete tells Joan that her potential payout could be in the million-dollar range, which nearly causes her to fall to the ground.

2. Speaking of Pete and Joan...When the banker pays Joan an accounting compliment, Pete, being the consummate charmer that he is, says, "It's a marvel: Everyone wants you, don't they?" -- which immediately causes Joan to blush. She is a lady, after all, Pete.

3. And speaking of Pete again...could you beat the fact that he ran into his father-in-law (and SCDP client) at a brothel? His buddy Ken assures Pete that Trudy's dad can't say anything to his daughter, who almost seemed to be warming up to Pete...almost. As Ken points out, it's a matter of "mutually assured destruction" if he told Trudy, as they would both be caught as cheaters.

4. And no, we're not quite done with Pete and his father-in-law yet. Pete's father-in-law, in a case of the proverbial pot calling the whorehouse black (or something), pulls the Vicks account from SCDP, telling Pete that he can't stand to have someone so disgusting around his daughter (Umm, like father like son-in-law?). So Pete fesses up to Trudy, telling her everything, but it unfortunately backfires on him and she orders him to pack his things and kicks him to the curb for good.

5. Roger has also found himself a new little plaything, an airline employee name Daisy who works in the first-class lounge at the airport, and helps Roger get account leads. And it turns out Roger's persistent bed-hopping does not come without it's perks: Thanks to little ole Daisy, Roger gets a chance at Chevrolet.

6. However, with the possibility of one car account driving in, another one must exit the lot. Don can't hold in his true feelings toward the Jaguar client and lets him have it, effectively severing their relationship.

7. This leads to one of the best moments of the night, when Pete finds out about the firms breakup with Jaguar (and, in his mind, ruining the agency's chances for an IPO), and falls down the stairs in shock and horror. However, Joan, as usual, saves the day by shoving Pete and Don into a conference room. Roger then announces the good news that they'll pitch Chevy in Detroit.

8. Joan, who made the ultimate sacrifice of her dignity to help SCDP land their first car account, ripped into Don for going after the guy from Jaguar. "Honestly, Don, if I could deal with him, you could deal with him," she says, while choking back tears. "And what now? I went through all of that for nothing?" Girl's gotta point.

9) And now on to Peggy... it turns out her firm, Cutler Gleason and Chaough, is just as messed up and dramatic as SCDP. Frank Gleason has pancreatic cancer and plans to leave, which means Ted and Jim are going to have to buy him out if they want to keep the firm alive. However, Ted's inner turmoil results in him unleashing his feeling for Peggy, and he kisses her. Peggy doesn't fight back, and later pictures him while bedding her bearded boyfriend. I don't think that guy will be around much longer -- the writing is on their brand-newly cohabited wall.

10. But Peggy and Ted are not the only people who get together that night: SCDP and CGC decide to join forces to pitch Chevy. And it goes to well that they decide to join forces permanently. And thus Peggy and Don are together again. As they should be!

Tell us: What were your favorite moments from Sunday's episode?