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"Mad Men": Our dream series finale endings

This Sunday felt darn right lonely without Don Draper's serious mug and his ever-present tumbler of whiskey. With no Top 10 moments to recap, we figured we'd have a little fun.

To keep the "Mad Men" dream alive for one more week, here are five things we wish would happen in the final seventh season (but we know probably won't). And while it won't make the next season come any faster, it's fun to speculate (wildly) about what we would like to see happen as the AMC show comes to a close.

1) Don and Betty get back together. We have seen their relationship grow this season, both sexually, as friends and most importantly as co-parents. Betty understands Don more than anyone and knows who he really is. If Don has a chance to make it work with anyone, it's Betty. Plus, it would help mend his broken relationship with their daughter, Sally.


2) Speaking of people getting back about Joan and Roger? Roger decides to be a family man, and Joan spends more time in the office than he does, while Roger takes a front-seat in raising their son. Joan and Bob are still great friends, and Roger learns to tolerate him (though mostly because he lives on the opposite coast -- more on that later).

3) Don starts his own boutique agency in New York (which he calls D Squared for Don and Dick and the two very different sides of his personality). It's small, it's personal and it's Don's baby. He will have only taken his secretary Dawn (who he's given more responsibility to), Ken Cosgrove and Stan with him. When we return, he and Stan will have mended their relationship, and the two will often get stoned together at their new small office, which is located downtown. Peggy will eventually join the new firm, but not until the final episode (more on that to come).

4) Pete Campbell realizes he is gay and gets together with Bob (me doth think that Pete protests too much when it comes to Bob). Let's have him realize he is in love with Bob and have them get together. This would all happen in L.A., and they would stay out there and live happily (and passionately argumentatively) ever after.

5) In the season 6 finale, Peggy moved closer into Don's spot by physically planting herself in his office. When we return in season 7, Peggy is officially the new Don. When we open up on the new season, she is styled to the nines, she is a partner and she is fully in control of all the creative -- and she lets people know it. She is fair, but she is also obsessed, like Don was. She eats, sleeps and breathes the agency that Don built. In the final episode, she and Don meet and she realizes that there is more to life than work. Don convinces her to join him at his new firm as equals. The two are finally on the same playing field, and we end the series with them as true friends.

So these are a few pipe dreams for the series finale of "Mad Men."

Tell us: What would you like to see happen, both realistically and wacky?