Macklemore and Ryan Lewis impress again with their latest music video with a message

(CBS) - I got turned on to up-and-coming rapper Macklemore and Ryan Lewis over the summer and have been such a fan ever since. Beyond amazing skills with their rhyme and flow, the lyrics to their music are extremely deep and thought-provoking. Take a look and listen to their 2nd video collaboration above.

If you didn't listen to the whole thing, I would highly recommend at least cuing up to around 2:45 in the video. In my opinion, there is such a fascinating turn that occurs in the rap where Macklemore and Ryan Lewis decry some of the trends towards the glorification of drugs and violence in music, and identify some of the harsh realities behind the why.

Another impressive song and video by this duo that continue to amaze me. And for those who missed our previous post on the group, I'm including their first music video below, a definite must-listen-and-see (with another interesting turn in the song occuring at around 2:43 in the video in relation to violence and consumerism).