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Lucky 13 For Lottery Winners

A group of 13 workers from an Ohio machine shop are waiting for their lucky lottery ticket to be verified Friday. The group had the only winner in a record-setting, multistate Powerball drawing worth $295 million.

"No one can believe it," said Sandy Jarrell, whose husband, John, was one of the 'Lucky 13.' "We were hugging and kissing, everything. We're still in shock . . . still in shock."

CBS News Correspondent Frank Currier reports.

With their $12.5 million share of the loot, the Jarrells hope to share their winnings with family and friends. "We're ready to go shopping and get on with a normal life, if people leave us alone," John Jarrell said.

Most of the winners want to remain anonymous. All of them work at a machine shop in suburban Columbus, Ohio. As a group, they've played the lottery for six years, each kicking in $10. Now, they each must decide if they'll keep their jobs.

CBS News Correspondent Hattie Kauffman interviews lawyer for the Powerball winners.

"We hope we don't lose them," said Barb Palmer, a spokesman for Automation Tooling Systems. "They're valued employees. Hard to replace. Nine of them have said they want to stay."

As soon as lottery commissioners verify the winning ticket, the Jarrells say they plan to buy a new house — and a new Harley.