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Look What I found: Cheap, Funky And Fun

1) ThredUP is the premiere clothing exchange site on the Internet. What does that mean? Well, all you have to do is log in, tell them what you're looking for and they'll browse closets to find a match. You can also make a clothing swap for only $12.95. Ah, the sweet smell of style on the cheap!

2) As you can see, I was way too entertained by this SmackTalk Iphone app that has animals imitating what you say in cute high-pitched voices:

3) Directed Electronics, who make the commonly used remote start systems that come with our cars, have launched Viper SmartStart. The free Iphone app syncs with your car and lets you start up the engine or heat with the touch of a button- perfect for those cold winter days. You can even use it to unlock your car. Just be smart and watch out for any pocket, butt or purse dialing with this one.

4) This week, I stumbled upon these lists of people who basically rock. I was inspired by their stories and hopefully you will be too!

Techcrunch's "Ten Teen Entrepreneurs to Watch

BusinessWeek's 2009 Finalists of America's Best Young Entrepreneurs

O's Women Entrepreneurs Women Rule! Conference Winners

Inc. Magazine's "30 under 30: America's Coolest Young Entrepreneurs."

5) Throwing away cell phones is not only a burden to the environment, but a waste of money. Now you can recycle your crackberry's and earn money while doing it with the new ecoATM. Go to their site for more info and to find an e-cycling station near you.