Long Island Pediatrician Allegedly Fondled, Videotaped Female Patients

Dr. Rakesh Punn
Long Island Pediatrician Allegedly Taped Girls Undressing
Dr. Rakesh Punn (CBS)

MINEOLA, N.Y. (CBS/WCBS) Police arrested Long Island pediatrician Dr. Rakesh Punn Friday, after he admitted to secretly recording and sexually violating at least nine young female patients in his office, said prosecutors.

Following a tip, police invaded the 52-year-old pediatrician's home office and found at least five videotaped occurrences, where female patients ranging from ages 11 to 24, were naked, blindfolded and fondled by Punn, said CBS affiliate WCBS. Some incidents were recorded as early as 2007.

"On some of the videotapes, he has them blindfolded, laying on the examination table, and then his hands moving a camera to zoom in on their private areas," said Deputy Chief Ann Donnelly.

Investigators are also considering the possibility that Punn drugged his victims. According to the Nassau County district attorney, Punn told the victims it was all part of the medical examination.

Punn, a civil surgeon, is allowed to give medical exams to immigrants who are applying for citizenship in the U.S. Prosecutors believe Punn preyed on his patients because many were unaware of medical practices in the U.S., according to WCBS.

Investigators say they also found a large sum of money and a counterfeit driver's license in Punn's home. Punn faces child pornography and unlawful surveillance charges. If convicted he could serve seven years in prison for each victim.

Prosecutors are urging other patients who believe they were victims of Punn's alleged abuse to come forward.

Punn's attorney says his client did nothing wrong and, despite the confession, plans to fight the charges and the evidence behind them.

"Before I acknowledge that there are tapes, I want to see them and I want to understand how they were made - under what circumstances they were made, how they were secured, how they were seized," Punn's lawyer, Nicholas Marino, said.