Lois Goodman, U.S. Open tennis referee accused in husband's murder, due in court

Lois Goodman with her attorney, Allison Triessl, left, as her arraignment on murder charges was postponed, Aug. 24, 2012, in Los Angeles. AP Photo/Nick Ut, File

(CBS/AP) LOS ANGELES - Professional tennis referee Lois Ann Goodman is due in court as lawyers set the stage for a trial in which she is accused of bludgeoning her husband to death with a coffee mug.

Goodman's attorney has dropped her opposition to a request from investigators for a DNA sample. The sample will be taken when the 70-year-old referee comes to court Wednesday.

Goodman is accused of killing her husband in April. Authorities initially believed the 80-year-old fell down stairs at home while she was away, but later decided it was murder.

Goodman was arrested in New York in August just before she was to referee at the U.S. Open. Her attorney maintains the victim died in a freak accident.

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