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Log into Your PC Using Face Recognition

Biometric security is easier and -- arguably -- more secure than hard-to-remember passwords. That's the idea behind the fingerprint readers that come integrated into many laptops these days. And while running your index finger across a sensor isn't terribly taxing, wouldn't it be even better if the camera in your laptop could just verify your face automatically? It can -- and in my experience, it works pretty well.

KeyLemon logs you into your PC using your Webcam -- whether it's built into your laptop or sitting on your desk. Once installed, it takes just a few seconds for the program to learn your face. Enter your Windows password just once, and you're in business.

I like KeyLemon because it works automatically. When you sit in front of your PC, it logs you in right away. You don't have to click, type, swipe, or mouse anything. And it keeps monitoring -- when you leave the PC, you don't have to log out, because KeyLemon logs you out if the computer is inactive and you're not in front of the camera. And if you use Firefox, KeyLemon lets you log into Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter with face recognition as well.

It's also a security tool, of sorts. If someone sits in front of your laptop, KeyLemon snaps pictures. It just stores them locally, which means it's not a useful tool for helping recover a stolen laptop. But it will tell you if someone else in your office is trying to log onto your PC when you're at lunch.

KeyLemon costs $19.95, but you can try it for free -- you get 25 logins in the evaluation period.

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