Local Travel Could Prove Sweet For Hershey

On our drive through Pennsylvania, we stopped at 101-year-old Hershey Park.

Yes, that Hershey!

They have an amusement park. It's in the town named for the company, and it attracted 2.7 million visitors last year.

As we rode on an antique carousel, the general manager of the park, Frank O'Connell, told me they think they can beat that number this summer -- if families from Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and New York, decide to forego a long, expensive road trip to, say, the Grand Canyon or Florida, and look for local fun instead.

"We think there will be a number of people who won't be able to go on the big-ticket trips this year," O'Connell said, "and come to find out we have everything they want to do here in Hershey. We roughly have 60 million people within a three-hour drive, so we're a tank or less away for 60 million people -- so we're excited!"

I've since moved on to Cambridge, Ohio.

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    Nancy Cordes is CBS News' congressional correspondent.