Local investigation round-up


Here's a look at interesting local investigations from our CBS affiliates around the country:

Policing for Profit Takes Money From Innocent Drivers

Nashville (WTVF): Police are arresting people for "carrying too much cash." Even worse, authorities are keeping the money, insisting that most of the cash they take is drug money. NewsChannel 5 Investigates uncovers that many of the victims are innocent.

Panel Blames Poor Oversight, Limited Police Patrols for LAX Safety Violations

Los Angeles (KCBS): A panel tasked with evaluating safety and security at Los Angeles International Airport found poor communication between various agencies and limited police patrols were to blame for a number of violations, according to a draft copy of the report.

Disabled Teen's Vehicle Towed From Handicapped Parking Spot

Chicago (WBBM): WBBM reports that able-bodied drivers are parking illegally in handicapped spaces at one Chicago retail site. Yet a family with a disabled daughter had their car towed, even though the vehicle had a legitimate placard in the windshield.