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Loaded gun found in Pennsylvania kindergartner's backpack

ALIQUIPPA, Pa.--A loaded gun was found Monday in an Aliquippa, Pa. Elementary School kindergartner's backpack, reports CBS affiliate KDKA.

According to Superintendent David Wytiaz, another student notified the teacher who retrieved the gun and contacted the principal.

"The weapon was removed without any visibility to any student; it never left the backpack," said Wytiaz.

Aliquippa Police were called.

"The weapon was a small .22-caliber revolver. It was loaded," said Chief Donald Couch, of the Aliquippa Police Department. "However, the gun was never in the possession anybody, it was just in the book bag."

The boy said he brought the gun to school to get it out of his home, according to KDKA sources.

"The student offered a very unique reason for having the gun," said Chief Couch. "That matter is being investigated by not only the school district but the Aliquippa Police Department. We don't believe there was any ill intentions by the student by any means."

Superintendent Wytiaz says the safety of the students was not compromised.

Wytiaz sent a letter to school parents Tuesday, notifying them of the situation.

"The student will be subject to School District Policy regarding weapons violations," Wytiaz wrote. "Local law enforcement will determine the extent of any other charges."