Living Better Longer

A Famous Actor Works To Turn Back The Clock

Has America become obsessed with finding the fountain of youth? 48 Hours examines the lengths to which people will go to feel and look younger. Meet a movie star who can afford to spend a small fortune on the latest anti-aging regimen, and average senior citizens looking to spice up their love lives. Can modern science help turn back the clock?

Nick Nolte Searches For Youth: Correspondent Peter Van Sant reports on actor Nick Nolte, who after years of abusing his body with drugs and alcohol has devoted himself fully to his mental and physical health. Can his controversial regimen repair the damage? Find out.

A Very Healthy Romance: With five previous marriages between them Syble Bachleda and Harvey Waldron, both retired, never thought they'd become involved in another relationship at their age. But they did. Troy Roberts reports on how romance keeps some seniors healthier.

Use It Or Lose It: At the age of 45, Linda Bach went back to medical school. At 52, she was a new resident. Susan Spencer reports on new research suggesting that active people tend to stay sharper mentally.

Eartha Kitt Just Keeps On Going: At the age of 74, Eartha Kitt is still performing, enthralling audiences with her energy and panache. Harold Dow talks with her about her longevity secrets.

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