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Little girl gets very excited about train coming

(CBS News) Something is coming that has this little girl in the above video very, very excited. Is it a unicorn? Don't be silly, they don't exist (or do they...?). Is it a plane? Nope, wrong again. But you are getting closer... Okay, so this doesn't go on all day, I'll give you a hint: choo-choo!

The cute caught-on-tape clip from 2011 was posted by YouTube user Daniel Dubois who writes:

Madeline's dream came true when she got to ride a train on her third birthday!
We're a bit late in doing so, but want to wish Madeline a very happy 3rd (and 4th) birthday from all of us here at The Feed! We can only pray that she continues to have this much passion for trains as she gets older. And thanks so much for sharing this adorable clip with us and the world, Daniel!
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