Lindsay Lohan Reportedly In Rehab

Actress Lindsay Lohan attends the premiere of Georgia Rule at the Ziegfeld Theatre May 8, 2007 in New York City.
No official word from Lindsay Lohan or her representatives, but sources tell TV's "The Insider" that the actress has checked into a Utah rehab center for an intense treatment program expected to last a minimum of 30 days.

Lohan has reportedly entered the Cirque Lodge drug and alcohol rehab in Sundance, Utah. The Insider says that according to sources inside the facility, the 21-year-old actress checked into the facility over the weekend.

The prices at the rehab center overlooking the Sundance resort are said to be steep - reportedly a minimum of $30,000 per 30-day stay.

Lohan has already done two other stints in rehab this year.

In January she stayed at the Wonderland Center in Los Angeles. Then after a wild Memorial Day weekend that ended in her arrest on suspicion of driving under the influence, Lohan did a stint at Promises Malibu Alcohol and Drug Rehab Treatment Facility.

She was released from Promises on July 13, only to find herself arrested again 11 days later in Santa Monica for investigation of drunken driving and cocaine possession.

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Lohan discussed her stay at Wonderland in an interview that Elle magazine says took place 36 hours before the Memorial Day weekend arrest.

"I was growing up and going out a lot, and I needed to have a balance," she said. "I was glad I went, because I needed to get away from everyone and I didn't know how to do that. And I learned a lot there. A bunch of my friends — I was with them last night — they're in AA for, like, years."