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Lindsay Lohan appears in LA court, trial delayed

Lindsay Lohan arrived in a Los Angeles court Wednesday for a hearing involving misdemeanor charges of lying to authorities and reckless driving in a crash last summer along Pacific Coast Highway.

Lohan was on probation for theft at the time of the wreck.

The pretrial hearing on Wednesday addressed any issues in advance of a trial and also scheduled dates for upcoming court hearings. The next court hearing is scheduled for March 1. Lohan isn't required to attend. A March 18 trial date is also scheduled.

The appearance marked the first time in nearly a year that she has been required to be in court. Wearing a black dress and black gold-studded platform heels, Lohan sat alongside her latest lawyer, New York-based attorney Mark Heller, who petitioned to join the case, but his involvement had to approved by Judge Stephanie Sautner. He joins the case following the departure of Lohan's longtime attorney, Shawn Holley.

Lohan's lawyer said his client almost didn't make it to Los Angeles for the court hearing due to sickness. Heller said doctors diagnosed her with an upper respiratory infection but said if she felt better, she could attend.

Lindsay Lohan appears in LA court

"I'm glad to see you're feeling better," said Sautner, who previously sentenced Lohan to jail, house arrest and morgue cleanup detail. Sautner, however, won't be handling Lohan's upcoming case. The judge said she is retiring before the next court hearing on March 1.

"She's on probation...The condition is that she obey all laws," the judge warned.

Heller, meanwhile, urged the court to act quickly to "bring Miss Lohan closure" with the drama in her life.

As for Lohan, she spoke several times during in court, addressing the judge with: "Yes, your honor."

Lohan has pleaded not guilty to lying to police, reckless driving and obstructing officers from performing their duties.

A judge previously warned her that she could be sentenced to 245 days in jail if she didn't behave.

In recent months, Lohan has filmed two movies and repeatedly gotten into trouble, including a pair of arrests in New York that have not resulted in charges.