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Lindros Awaits Exam Results

As the deadline to sign a qualifying offer from the Philadelphia Flyers draws near, Eric Lindros isn't sure when he'll be ready to play hockey.

Lindros, recovering from his sixth concussion, was examined last week in Chicago by neurologist Dr. James Kelly.

"I don't know how things went," Lindros said in the Philadelphia Inquirer's Thursday editions. "I'm feeling much better. When the report comes in, I'll find out. I still don't have a time line when I can return. But I have an understanding of what Dr. Kelly wants."

The star center has until Aug. 1 to sign the Flyers' $8.5 million qualifying offer for the upcoming season. However, he has a $20 million personal insurance policy to cover him this season if he was injured. The policy would pay him the full premium if an injury limited him to fewer than 20 games.

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