Linda Cut Loose

Linda Spencer, the 44-year-old mother of two from Cambridge, Mass., was the fourth Kenyan castaway to get the boot. And as in last week's episode, the deciding factor was age.

Spencer joined Bryant Gumbel and Jane Clayson on CBS's The Early Show to talk about her experiences on Survivor: Africa.

Spencer said she knew once Carl was voted out of the Samburu tribe, it was all over - the twentysomethings had the edge over the boomers. And she admitted, that if the situation were reversed, the older members of the tribe would have voted off the younger members.

"No, no, no, I don't blame them. But I think we would have gone about in a different way, in terms of not kicking dirt in their face and not making necklaces and saying 'Hey team, come over here.' And just not being so arrogant." she said.

She added that the necklace bit was really bothersome. She had asked Lindsey to make her one, she said, but Lindsey never did. "But there's still time. I'm still waiting."

Asked what she thought about Silas, the "leader" of the younger set, she replied," I actually liked Silas. He's a terrific human being, but I didn't trust him at all. I knew that we never had Silas, that he was never on our side - not for one moment."

She went on, " One of the things Silas always talked about was strength and honor whenever we went to challenges. And he double-crossed us, so to speak. So the honor thing was out. So we knew we were going down, but we were going to go down our way and not his way."

Clayson asked about the strategy involved in the voting - the younger members wanted the older ones to vote for Lindsey.

"We had decided that we were going to vote for Lindsey and do what the young people asked us to do. And then later that afternoon, they continued with the snide comments, the arrogance, and sort of looked at each other, took a walk. It really was a unanimous decision."

"(Silas) was always talking about being honorable. We felt that we wanted to make a symbolic statement. So this was our way of saying 'Guess you're not so honorable after all."'

Spencer is assistant director of career services at Harvard. Clayson wanted to know what fields some of here fellow castaways should go into. Spencer said that she thought advertising was a good career choice for Lindsey, but that, "I think the ideal occupation for Lindsey would be a professional athlete, because she's an amazing athlete. She's very strong."

She thought that Silas, the bartender and wanna-be actor, "could be a lawyer, a conniving lawyer."

Kim "actually has a heart of gold. So whatever Kim wants to do, I would help her."

Linda's Charity
After leaving the game, "Survivor: Africa" contestant Linda Spencer did some volunteer work for Mpala Wildlife Fund.

Vierers who want to contribute to the chairty can send donations to:
Mpala Wildlife Fund
PO Box 380180
Cambridge, MA 02238

As for Brendan - who said of her "She has two very, very different sides. Like this sweet New England mom, and then there's this crazy woman side - well, Spencer says he should go back to the bar.

She went on to say that she keeps in touch with Frank, Teresa and Carl. "That was a bond that will never be broken. We're still very, very tight."

Gumbel want to know if Spencer had had any second thoughts on how she played the game.

"I haven't second-guessed myself. And I don't expect to second-guess myself as the months go by. I'm so happy with the way I played the game. I wish that I was still in the game. But I wanted to have fun and I wanted to maintain my integrity. "

Unlike Diane, Jessie and Carl who went on a safari after being voted out, Spencer, who was visiting Africa for the sixth time, chose a different venue to unwind after her ouster.

She "traveled with a mobile health care clinic that's part of the Impala Wildlife Foundation, that focuses on AIDS awareness and family planning.

"It was amazing to travel with this group of people," she said. "It was totally rewarding and I had a chance to live in the villages. I had a goat roasted in my honor. It was amazing. I felt like I received so much from being on the show that I wanted to give something back."

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