Liberal Group: McCain "McSame" As Bush

Liberal advocacy group Campaign to Defend America has an ad running in Pennsylvania and Ohio called "McSame."

The spot, which the group is spending more than $1 million on and could expand to other states, is reminiscent of ads Republicans used to run during the 1990s in which Democratic candidates "morphed" into Bill Clinton.

In "McSame," it's John McCain who is the target – and he is, ahem, said to be the "McSame" as President Bush. In the spot, a picture of McCain has its head removed, and Bush's head replaces it.

"Where does John McCain stand on the issues?" asks an announcer. "A trillion dollars in Iraq over the next ten years. McSame as Bush. A millionaire who's for tax cuts for millionaires. McSame as Bush." The same message is repeated regarding tax breaks for oil companies and the lack of a plan for universal health care coverage.

Watch below: