Letterman begs Romney to come on "Late Show"

(CBS News) Mitt Romney's presidential campaign has "done a first-rate job of snubbing us," CBS "Late Show" host David Letterman said Friday, demanding of his audience that if the GOP nominee hasn't appeared on his show by election day on Nov. 6, "don't vote for him."

Reprising past pleas to the former Massachusetts governor, Letterman announced that "Mitch" Romney, as the bit goes, has his pick of "any night, any time, short notice, whatever he wants." President Obama went on the show last week.

Letterman said he's "getting a whiff" that Romney's "scared -- let me rephrase that... yellow," and joked that the nominee won't come to his studio and talk to him but is "going to put China in their place." He insisted his jokes about Romney aren't personal.

"We just make fun of everybody -- that's the whole deal," Letterman said. "And it just happens that 'Mitch' is funnier than Obama. So it doesn't mean anything." Pointing out that he himself is an independent, he added, "I have no dog in this fight, ladies and gentlemen."

Romney did appear on the show in December, months before securing the nomination, to do Letterman's "Top Ten." On Friday's edition, Letterman read his "Top Ten Reasons Mitt Romney Should Appear on the 'Late Show'":

10. It's required by the Constitution

9. Compared to me, anybody looks popular

8. Plenty of parking for the Cadillacs

7. If he makes a gaffe, no one will see it

6. Green room stocked with plain yogurt and tap water

5. None of our cameras are hidden

4. He can fire as many Late Show staffers as he wants

3. It's a chance to win back the lazy freeloader vote

2. Rick Santorum will do this show, but Mitt won't

1. John McCain once blew us off - how'd that turn out?

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