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Welcome to BNET's new Business Hacks blog. I'll be your tour guide through a world of tips and tricks to make your life at work more efficient, more productive, and more fun. I'm not going to be preaching to you about how to alter your mental outlook to better deal with the stress of work—I'll leave that to the experts like L. Ron Hubbard—but I will be giving you the scoop on how to wrangle new ideas and technology to work faster and smarter. We'll be covering everything from how to become a more savvy business traveler to becoming an officeplace MacGyver. (I'm told that all you need is one of these.) This blog is for those of us who take pride in our jobs, but realize that cutting corners (and cutting through the crap) is an essential part of being good at what we do. Got a work-related problem? Email me. Got a better hack than I do? Send it on over, and I'll make sure to give credit where it's due.  

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