Let's all go for an (extreme) bike ride together

(CBS News) Ah, there's nothing quite so relaxing as taking a nice, gentle bike ride on a sunny day. And while that sounds like a pleasant experience, there is, however, nothing relaxing or gentle about the bike ride in the video above. Click and watch biking get taken to the extreme. 

The sweet, shredding video entitled "Rise" features 16-year-old "slope style and downhill mountain biker" Tom van Steenbergen and was posted by Vimeo user Harrison Mendel. Let me go ahead and be the first to say (okay, probably not) that this teen has some real talent and amazing moves on a bike. Props go out to Tom from all of us here at The Feed! And if you'd like to check out more videos from Harrison Mendel, be sure to click here to go to his Vimeo page. And for more info on teen mountain biker Tom van Steenbergen, you can click here to go to his Twitter page.