Leonardo DiCaprio pranks Jonah Hill on sidewalk in video

When he thinks nobody is looking, Leonardo DiCaprio really cuts loose.

The Oscar winner pulled a great prank on his "Wolf of Wall Street" co-star, Jonah Hill, on Monday, when he spotted him standing on the side of a street in New York City's West Village. Rather than calmly greeting his pal, DiCaprio decided to whip out his phone -- the same one he uses to text pal Jennifer Lopez -- and run up to Hill like he was a crazed fan.

The 32-year-old actor was clearly startled, but DiCaprio made up for it by giving him a big bear hug. Who knew he was such a hugger?!

DiCaprio's sneakiness is reminiscent of when he surprised "Saturday Night Live" fans while Hill was hosting in January. The actor became the highlight of the opening monologue when he reenacted his and Kate Winslet's iconic embrace from "Titanic." Only this time, Hill got to be Rose.

This prank isn't DiCaprio's first gif-worthy moment. Check out what he told ET after he became a viral sensation for his hilarious reaction to Lady Gaga taking the stage at the Golden Globes.