"Legal Steroid" Prevalent In High Schools

"Legal Steroids"
CBS/The Early Show
With baseball season just around the corner and A-Rod's admission of steroid use dominating headlines, CBS News correspondent Kelly Cobiella had an Early Show investigation into steroid use in high school.

"If you are a parent or relative of a teenager, you'll want to listen to what we found out in this report. In spite of congressional hearings, testing and education, scientists are staying one step ahead of the law -- and the kids are right there with them," Cobiella told The Early Show Saturday Edition co-anchor Chris Wragge.

Cobiella visited the sleepy Southern town of Appaloosa, La., where you'd least expect to find a steroid bust the size and scope of one that made local headlines last summer.

As the investigation unfolded, Cobiella found that more people are not just involved in illegal steroid use, but also "legal steroid" use, with a supplement called Tren.

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