Lee Ann Womack: Music Is A Family Business

Over the past 10 years, Grammy winner Lee Ann Womack has become a bona fide country music superstar selling more than 6 million albums.

The country star, most widely known for her hit song "I Hope You Dance," just released her first album in three years titled "Call Me Crazy."

Womack stopped by to sing and chat with Early Show co-anchor Maggie Rodriguez.

Rodriguez highlighted a quote from Vanity Fair that described "Call Me Crazy" as "a batch of seasoned country songs about life, love, hope, disappointment, solitary thinking and lonesome drinking."

"I'd say that's pretty dead on - for good or bad," Womack admitted.

Regarding the lonesome drinking - "maybe a little bit, I don't know about a lot anymore, but I used to," she said.

"Call Me Crazy," is a medley of all types of music.

"A lot of the songs just come from real life, whether I wrote them or other writers. That's the beauty of country music; it's about real-life situations. I look for songs that really mean something to me, either I have been through it or I know somebody that's been through it. Something that really touches me," she said.

For Rodriguez and many others, "I Hope You Dance" is like an anthem to mothers of young daughters, Rodriguez explained.

Although Womack didn't write "I Hope You Dance," she immediately thought about her two daughters and all the things she wanted for them in their lives.

"That was the reason I wanted to cut it," Womack said.

With both parents in the music business, Womack said that she wouldn't be surprised if they follow in her footsteps.

Her daughter, Aubrie plays guitar and her other daughter, Anna, likes to dance, she said.

"They get exposed to a lot of music," she said. "They both are good singers, so we'll see. It's a family business that's for sure."