LeBron dunks over (and knocks down) kid at camp

Video still of LeBron James dunking on kid during a basketball camp
LeBron James dunking on kid
LeBron James dunks on a kid during a basketball camp in New Jersey.

How fragile is LeBron James' ego?

Well, you might recall two years ago when a college kid dunked on the superstar - at the LeBron James Skills Academy, no less. Did LeBron take it in stride? No, he had videotape of the embarrassment confiscated.

Now, it seems LeBron has turned the tables by dunking over another amateur competitor at a summer basketball camp - a child who looks to be roughly middle school age.

Apparently, James found himself in a competitive game of knockout at a New Jersey summer hoops camp,'s Ben Golliver reports. After bricking a few 3-pointers, James chased down a rebound and charged toward the hoop to dunk it.

The only problem? His young competitor was standing in the paint attempting a shot of his own. After completing his dunk in an attempt to knock the child out of the game, James quite literally knocked the youngster out of the game - essentially goaltending the kid's shot with his dunk, barreling into him and knocking him to the ground. (Watch the video below; the collision comes at about the 40-second mark.)

It's good to see LeBron's competitive instincts kick in - but this is a summer camp for kids. That kind of hustle could have come in handy in the NBA Finals. Did he really need to prove his athletic superiority by throwing down over a small child? Was he still stinging from being posterized by a college kid in 2009?

To make matters worse, LeBron nonchalantly backpedaled away from his crumpled opponent to a cacophony of laughing onlookers. (He did return to make sure the kid was ok, which he was).

LeBron may have a fragile ego but he's not a bad guy. According to TMZ, LeBron made it up to the kid, who posted this on Facebook page: "Got dunked on by Lebron :-( but he gave me his shoes so its alll good broo."

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