Lazy Sunday: Top 5 Viral Videos of the Week

(CBS) LOS ANGELES While this week Wired declared, "The Web is Dead", this week's Lazy Sunday proves what continues to keep it alive- awesome and random viral videos!

1) Heal The Bay produced this mockumentary, "The Majestic Plastic Bag", narrated by Jeremy Irons in support California bill AB 1998 to help put an end plastic pollution:

2) Want to see a glimpe of the future of DJing? Check out this guy mixing beats on a touchscreen:

3) I'll admit, this video of soldiers returning from war and seeing this kids for the first time brought me to tears:

4) Who said grandmas can't get down with Lady Gaga?

5) Finally, in just one week this video of tennis champion Roger Federer doing a trickshot during a Gillette ad shoot got more than 4 million views. Is this just another great behind the scenes magic moment or Gillette's attempt at good viral campaign? Hmm...